A package, that enables an automatic control of Infolytica MagNet, ElecNet and ThermNet packages for quick transformer analysis.

TrafoSolve is an easy and logical interface to the Infolytica software packages, MagNet, ElecNet and ThermNet, and allows users to input transformer characteristics quickly.

  • Select the type of results you want to do. Short circuit analysis, Force calculation, Harmonic analysis, Open Circuit, etc.
  • Select the accuracy level from 1-6. This will modify the mesh and polynomial settings within the model, based on the skin depth, hence every model will have a unique mesh and accuracy setting.
  • Start your analysis
  • TrafoSolve will extract all the required information from Infolytica package and use internal equations to show you the results in a comfortable representation. In this case it is Active and Reactive Impedance + Skin depth.
  • You have a separate Winding loss, which gives you the total loss
  • Gives you various types of losses in Coils: Ohmic losses and Eddy current losses
  • Finally, you can add all your calculated results in a convenient PDF report.

Next, you can easily compare different results in one project by adding a new design.