Infologic Design offers various Consulting services, from running analyses using the software products, to full design and optimisation services. Our team of engineers and associates have expertise in a wide range of applications to assist.

In addition we offer manufacturing services for electric motors - Design to Production!

Modelling Services
We provide modelling service, where we analyse your model and send you the computed results. This is the quickest way of getting all calculations performed correctly and allow you to concentrate on the design aspects of the project.
Optimisation Services
Optimisation service, where we optimise your model and offer you the best possible performance within your constraints and requirements. This may vary from a minor change like material selection to get the best performance, to a more involved optimisation (such as reducing any overheating problems you might have encountered).
Design Services
We will create your new product design from scratch. We will create a completely new product, optimised, and with blueprints. Note, that we also check the mechanical aspects of the design and can look into the power electronics, if required.

Our engineers have both academic and commercial experience in various applications. If you purchased our software before or intend to purchase the software in the future, we will send you the calculated models and explain how we did it and what is required for accurate results. This is a very convenient way to exchange knowledge and expertise.
Product Manufacture
We have partnered with a manufacturer of electric motors, allowing us to also provide physical prototypes of your new electric motor or generator design, and also provide small to medium scale production. More details are available upon request.
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