History of Infologic Design

Infologic Design (formerly Infolytica Europe) has provided state-of-the-art Electromagnetic solutions since 1978, supplying design software for electromagnetic devices, plus offering consulting and analysis services.

Engineers from a wide range of industries across Europe use our software tools and services for the design and analysis of applications, including electromechanical devices, non-destructive testing, loudspeakers, induction heating, and industrial transformers.

We have the expertise, built over many years, to assist our customers select the best options for their needs, provide training, and give a high level of technical support. We also offer consulting services, ranging from analysis to design and device optimisation.

Infologic Design has over 40 years of specific expertise in the Infolytica suite of software (now called Simcenter Motorsolve and Simcenter MAGNET). The specialist software tools are used for the design and analysis of any electromagnetic device.

Infologic Design electromagnetic specialists since 1978
Siemens solution partner PLM Gold smart expert
Infologic Design is a Gold Solution Provider Partner, and a Siemens Recognised Smart Expert.
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