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About us
Infologic Design (formerly Infolytica Europe) has provided state-of-the-art Electromagnetic solutions since 1978, supplying design and modelling software for electromagnetic devices, plus offering consulting and analysis services.

Engineers from a wide range of industries across Europe use our software tools and services for the design and analysis of applications, including electromechanical devices such as electric motors and generators, non-destructive testing (NDT/NDE), loudspeakers, actuators, sensors, induction heating, and industrial transformers.

We have the expertise, built over more than 40 years, to assist our customers select the best options for their needs, provide training, and give a high level of technical support. This includes consulting services, ranging from analysis to design and device optimisation.

With our partners we also provide the manufacture of electric motor prototypes, and small to medium scale production of the final motor.

Latest News and Updates
June 2024
The dates for the Professional MagNet training courses are now available.
Please check the Events section for more details, and send us the registration form with the right date for you.

October 2023
The new update of TrafoSolve from Infologic Design was released in October, and is now ready for download by all our supported customers, and for evaluation.
For detailed information please check in the News section.


Engineers from a wide range of industries across the globe use the Infolytica software tools and services for the design and analysis of their applications.


Applications include electromechanical devices (electric motors and generators), non-destructive testing, loudspeakers, induction heating, and industrial transformers.

Industrial sectors covered include Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer, Power Distribution, Renewable Energy, and other Industrial Products.
All types of motors, generators, alternators, magnetic gears etc. can be analysed, to help you optimise the performance and improve efficiency. All classes of electrical machine are covered using the various software tools available.
All types of Transformer can be handled, including large distribution and power transformers. Thermal performance can be studied, as well as fault conditions such as Short circuit loss calculations.
Devices with multiple moving parts (such as magnetic gears) can be handled. With full 6-axis motion included, other effects such as whirling of eccentric rotors, and 3D MagLev systems can also be modelled,
Coupled thermal affects can be modelled, including taking into account temperature dependent material properties.
Optimisation of components can be performed, plus multi-physics problems (e.g. coupled magnetic/thermal analysis, and coupled to 3rd party software products such as PSIM).
Many other devices can be modelled, such as NDT and Sensor's etc. Effectively any electromagnetic device can be modelled using the software tools available.

Product Lineup

Infologic Design is a reseller of the electromagnetic software from Mentor (a Siemens Business) software.
The supported packages are:
Simcenter™ MAGNET™ software
Simcenter™ Motorsolve™ software
Simcenter™ SPEED™ software
We also provide out own proprietary software for
Transformer design: TrafoSolve


The software packages provided by Infologic Design include: Simcenter MAGNET Suite (incorporating Simcenter MAGNET Electric, Simcenter MAGNET Thermal, and Simcenter MAGNET Design Optimisation), Simcenter Motorsolve (electric motor design software), Simcenter SPEED (electric motor sizing software) and Trafosolve (a Transformer specific user interface to Simcenter MAGNET).
Simcenter Motorsolve is the complete design and analysis software for induction, synchronous, electronically and brush-commutated machines. Motor and generator designers can use this software for quick virtual prototyping.
Simcenter MAGNET is a powerful 2D/3D simulation software which engineers and scientists worldwide use for the design of motors, sensors, transformers, actuators, solenoids or any component with permanent magnets or coils.
Simcenter SPEED rapidly analyses motor designs with analytical simulations, providing access to theoretical and physical models of most main electric machines classes (e.g. permanent magnet and electric excited synchronous, induction, switched reluctance, brushed DC, wound field commutator, and axial flux) along with their drives.
TrafoSolve is an easy and logical interface to the Simcenter MAGNET Suite, and allows users to input transformer characteristics quickly and obtain transformer relevant solutions efficiently.

Simcenter MAGNET Electric is the leading 2D/3D electric field simulation software tool. Designers can easily model the most complicated devices and accurately predict their behaviour. Based on finite element analysis methods, Simcenter MAGNET Electric solves static, AC and transient electric field and current flow problems.
Simcenter MAGNET Thermal simulates the steady-state and transient temperature distribution of specified heat sources. Coupling with other parts of the Simcenter MAGNET Suite, it provides accurate electromagnetic-thermal analysis for devices such as electric machines (motors and generators), transformers, induction heating, surge arrestors and dielectric heating.
Simcenter MAGNET Design Optimisation is an automated design optimisation option to the Simcenter MAGNET Suite. Using advanced and efficient algorithms, Simcenter MAGNET Design Optimisation can find optimal values for different design variables within the constraints specified.

Other Services

Infologic Design also provide other services including
support services, training, and consulting
Other Services Provided by Infologic Design
We have the expertise, built over more than 40 years, to assist our customers select the best options for their needs, provide training, and give a high level of technical support. This includes training and consulting services, ranging from analysis to design and device optimisation.
  • Training
    Infologic Design offer training in the Infolytica products, both prior to purchase (pre sales) and post sales. Training can be on a one to one basis as a web based session, as a general course given centrally, or on-site training giving a more specific course structure to suit the user.
  • Support Services
    The Infolytica products are fully supported by our team of engineers. As well as having access to the Mentor knowledge base of technical articles, supported customers also have phone and email access to our engineers, who are there to assist in all aspects of use of the software products.
  • Consulting
    Infologic Design offers various Consulting services, from running analyses using the software products, to full design and optimisation services. Our team of engineers and associates have expertise in a wide range of applications to assist.
  • Manufacturing
    We are now able to offer electric motor manufacturing facilities, either producing a few prototype models, or working with our partners to provide full scale manufacturing. Please contact us if you would like more information on what services we can provide.