11 September

Romax-SKF eDSIM Conference
and Romax User Forum
25-26 September 2018
Darmstadt, Germany

There are two significant trends that are shaping the impending technical revolution, Industry 4.0 and the electrification of future powertrains for passenger and commercial vehicles.

eDSIM is aimed at engineers, designers, analysts, engineering managers and senior leaders involved with gears, drivetrains and bearings from within the automotive, EV, off-road, agriculture, heavy industry, bearings, marine and wind energy sectors. 

SimCentre 2018

31 July

Free Webinar - "Traction Motor Performance Degradation due to Demagnetisation"

According to FreedomCAR 2020 targets, the service life of traction motors should be greater than 15-years of continuous operation (30 kW), while sustaining short bursts (18 seconds) of 55 kW peak power. Given the discontinuous vehicle operation under varying ambient temperatures (-40°C to 105°C), the Achilles’ heel of permanent magnet traction motors is demagnetization.

In this presentation, MagNet was used to simulate demagnetization due to current, temperature and a short-circuit fault, on a permanent magnet traction motor.

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31 July

Siemens SimCentre Conference - Europe
3-5 December 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

Join us for the 2018 Simcenter Conference - Europe, an exciting new event that will bring together simulation, test, and design exploration in an industry themed agenda. Together we will explore how simulation and test are contributing to the realization of the Digital Twin, and examine how adopting a holistic approach to predictive engineering analytics is essential in developing innovative products that exceed customer expectations.

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SimCentre 2018

22 May
Software Update - MagNet 7.9 is now released

Some significant enhancements to the Infolytica Software from Mentor have just been announced, and are now available for Download by supported users.

  • Hysteresis Model for Ferromagnetic Steel
  • Permanent Magnet De-Magnetisation
  • Multi-Objective Optimisation


MotorSolve BLDC Field Analysis is used for designing teeth, back iron

30 November 2017

Infolytica Europe changes its name to Infologic Design

Following the acquisition of Infolytica Corporation by Mentor (a Siemens Business), the European sister company (Infolytica Europe) has now changed its name to Infologic Design Ltd. This highlights the fact that we are now an independent reseller, and are not part of the acquisition process.

Infologic Design continues as the only reseller of the Infolytica Software throughout Europe, Russia and CIS countries.

Infologic Design

1 October 2017 Infolytica Corporation is acquired by
Mentor (a Siemens Business)
Plano, Texas and Montreal, Canada

Siemens has entered into an agreement to acquire Montreal, Canada-based Infolytica Corporation, expanding the company’s simulation suite into electromagnetics (EM).

The Infolytica business hasa been incorporated into the Mechanical Analysis Division of Mentor, a Siemens business.


1 June
Infolytica Engage: User Conference 2017
7-9 November 2017, Miami

The one conference each year that brings together the entire community of Infolytica experts and users. This event will offer hands-on learning and valuable peer networking for attendees.

You can review the proceedings from Engage 2015 and 2016 on the event website.


28 February
Free Webinar - "MotorSolve 6: Powering BMW i3 Design and Simulations "

Automotive manufacturers are always looking for ways to increase efficiency in the design process and reduce their product's time-to-market. This webinar explains how Infolytica's MotorSolve 6.0 design software and its quick and easy virtual prototyping abilities can help.

Key Take-Aways

  • Learn about MotorSolve's simulation capabilities for PM generators
  • Gain a detailed understanding of high power density motor/generator design
  • Understand the design details of the BMW i3 traction machine

Presented by: Jim Hendershot,

MotorSolve BLDC Field Analysis is used for designing teeth, back iron

Jim Hendershot

28 October
Software Update - MotorSolve v6 is now released

Infolytica announces today that MotorSolve v6, the company’s electromagnetic design software for electrical machines, is now available for download by supported users and evaluators.

MotorSolve v6 has a number of significant new features, including a new BLDC Generator mode analysis, Phasor diagrams, plus several new winding diagrams.

MotorSolve BLDC Field Analysis is used for designing teeth, back iron